Make sound business decisions.

At Halkin we strive to not only do the books, but to understand how your business is operating in order to give you real time insight into your business’ performance. We call this Management Accounting, which involves interpreting your key financial statements and creating a detailed reporting framework that monitors the health of your business and is the basis for making future business decisions.

Our Management Accounting team – who all have high-level commercial experience as financial controllers –offer a range of services that provide further insight and analysis with regards to:

  • Creating and monitoring cashflow
  • Creating and monitoring budget
  • Developing KPIs
  • Developing a holistic performance dashboard
Does your business need Financial Management?

There are a number of ways an outsourced financial controller can truly transform your business. The analysis and subsequent insight into your financial reports can:

  • Provide the structure you require to monitor progress
  • Help you to truly understand the business growth drivers
  • Make clear the potential inhibitors to business growth.
  • Assist you to make educated structural, operational & strategic decisions

Additionally, with a Halkin Financial Controller you get the experience of a reliable professional at the fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

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