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Advice and strategy based on your numbers.

At Halkin the bottom line is this: we want to positively affect your bottom line. An effective and affordable way to achieve this is with a Virtual CFO. Whether your business is looking for efficiencies to enhance profitability, or someone to conduct a feasibility study to introduce a new product or service, a qualified CFO will analyse the figures and advise measures needed to achieve requirements. At Halkin we employ a number of qualified CFOs with vast experience across all industries. Their main tasks include:

  • Ensuring the financial metrics of any business aligns with its strategic objectives by analysing performance, and the thorough assessment of KPIs and trends in order to ensure profitability, assess risk and identify opportunities.
  • Figuring out how to allocate financial resources and whether additional debt or equity financing is required for current and future operations.
  • Projecting financial requirements based on the company’s plans for the future.

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